$50 Coupons Available for Seniors to use at local Farmers’ Markets

The United States Department of Agriculture has a Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program which provides fresh, nutritious, unprepared locally grown fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs and honey through farmers’ markets and roadside stands. All eligible seniors who apply will be mailed ten $5 coupons to redeem at participating farmers’ markets.

The Farmers’ Market Senior Coupon Application is available online and very simple to complete. No documents are required to be uploaded. Applicants self-attest to verify income level and age by clicking on an agreement statement. Individuals may re-apply for the program each year. 

To be eligible, seniors must live in Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton or Warren counties, be age 60 or older and have an annual household income that is less than 185% of the poverty level. There is a chart available online to see the 2023 qualifying household income levels. Each eligible senior in a household may apply. 

Eligible foods include locally grown, fresh vegetables, fresh cut herbs, fruits and honey. There is an Eligible Food List available online to review.

When applying, applicants may list a designated shopper who will be permitted to pick up the produce for them. One person may shop for up to two other people. This is helpful for applicants who have mobility or other transportation difficulties.

Questions about the application and program details may be directed to a representative at the Council on Aging, though one does not need to be a member of the Council on Aging to apply. One may call (800) 252-0155 and select Option 2, or send an email, to reach a representative. Please note that all coupons expire October 31, 2023, and it may take up 2 to 4 weeks to receive the coupons by mail.

You can find more resources related to seniors and primary health care by selecting the “Senior Citizens” and “Primary Medical Care” category tabs on our Social Service “Utilization Library page.

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