New Social Security Gov Website

The Social Security Administration has redesigned their website to make access to online services more user-friendly. The new layout provides direct access to do things like: Check eligibility for benefits, Plan for retirement, Apply for benefits, Sign up for Medicare, Appeal a decision, and/or Check application or appeal status.

They offer four portals which classify requests– there’s a “Documents” portal, a “Number & Card” portal, a “Payment” portal, and “Record” portal.

Through the Documents portal you can Get a benefit verification letter, or Get tax forms like 1099s or 1042s).

Through the Number and Card portal you can Replace a social security card, Request a social security number for the first time, or Report a stolen number.

Through the Payment portal you can Update direct deposit, Repay overpaid benefits, Request to withhold taxes, or View a benefit payment schedule.

And through the Record portal you can Update contact information, Update an incorrect birthday, Update sex identification, and/or change your name. You can learn more by visiting the redesigned site.

You can find more resources related to food assistance by selecting the “food & clothing” option from the dropdown tab on our Social Service “Utilization Library” page.

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